As a subcontractor, RVB+A has won contracts for and/or undertaken three transit security projects including Northstar in Minneapolis, MDTA in Miami and a third major but confidential transit agency in North America.

RVB+A has assisted Angel Trains, rail car leasing company, in an effort to enter the American passenger rail car market. Angel Trains is currently one of Europe’s leading train leasing companies.

RVB+A has recently won a contract and has initiated work to represent the Alaska Railroad in regards to the procurement of new rail rolling stock equipment, including Buy America Pre-Award and Post Delivery Audits. In addition, RVB+A is initiating a study of the railroads “Operating Ratios”.

In recent years, RVB+A has invested in human, hard and soft resources to meet the demand of a growing company segment in 3-D modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities.

The QA project is under Gannett Fleming.

Engineering reviews and First Article Inspection of all power systems, including supply and distribution are now complete and ready for production.