Sound Transit Commuter Rail/Light Rail Rolling Stock Procurement and Quality Assurance (QA) - Seattle, WA

As the prime contractor, RVB+A managed the procurement of 58 bi-level passenger railcars and 11 F59PHI locomotives. The scope of direct responsibilities included:

  • Development of passenger railcar and locomotive technical specifications
  • Buy America audits (Pre-Award and Post-Delivery)
  • Evaluation and selection of car builder
  • Review engineering submittals and technical information for compliance and issue comments/open items
  • Hold design review and progress review meetings
  • Review and make recommendations on engineering changes
  • Document control and management of open items
  • Oversee construction activities of locomotives and passenger cars providing first article inspections, inspections and builders' sites including first piece, in-process, final acceptance, testing and commissioning
  • Conduct audits to contract, builder, and MIL Standard procedures
  • Review nonconforming material disposition and procedures for repair and rework
  • Review vehicle manufacturing history books
  • Review and make recommendations on change orders
  • Review and recommend approval of milestone payments
  • Review operating, maintenance, overhaul and parts manuals
  • Review and coordinate training of Authority operating and maintenance personnel
  • Develop Emergency Preparedness System Safety Plan for client
  • Monitor warranty/reliability including verification of implementation of engineering modifications

RVB+A continues to support Sound Transit in a broad range of areas. Our focus is currently on Maintenance of Equipment and Operations.

Also, as a Subcontractor to Gannett Fleming, RVB+A conducted QA oversight in a variety of areas, including an audit at Kinki Sharyo's final assembly site in Everett, WA. The purpose of this audit was to conduct an FAI of the first LRV completed in the US. The audit included examination of test records and builder documentation, in addition to physical inspection of the subject vehicle to confirm compliance with contractual requirements. An Audit Report was developed and issued upon completion of the activity and a follow-up inspection was conducted.

Another audit focused on manufacturing and quality systems employed by Kinki Sharyo at the final assembly site. The scope of this audit included review of worker qualification and certification, review of work instructions and drawings, review of quality control and test processes and checks of Material Review Board dispositions. The tracking and resolution of ST Link-initiated open items was also audited. An audit report was issued upon completion of the activity and a follow-up inspection was conducted.

Most recently, RVB+A conducted a Buy America Post-Delivery Audit.