Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – Railway Restructuring/Privatization

As prime contractor, RVB+A conducted studies in several countries related to the restructuring of railways and the rehabilitation of services. The work involved review of current technical and institutional conditions, economic performance, and the identification of potential areas for private sector participation.

In separate studies in Bolivia and Chile, RVB+A assessed technical, market and economic conditions of not only railways but highways. RVB+A developed plans for the restructuring and rehabilitation of surface transportation systems, which emphasized the integration of the entire network, and considered the potential role and/or participation of the private sector.

RVB+A also conducted a series of seminars for IDB and World Bank personnel, addressing privatization and the setting up of concessions for transportation infrastructure and services. The seminars addressed technical, economic, financial and institutional issues, as well as the structuring of concession projects, selection criteria, and institutional and legal issues.