The changes that have occurred in our cities over the past several years have had a dramatic impact on how people and goods are transported. Given the condition of existing infrastructures, increasingly stringent environmental requirements, and diminishing sources of energy and capital, the challenges are to search for, develop, and apply transportation solutions that are feasible and affordable, thus providing value to the client.

Raul V Bravo + Associates, Inc. (RVB+A) is committed to assist public and private sector organizations to identify and reach these objectives.

RVB+A is dedicated to the planning, research, design and development of transportation systems. The firm was founded in 1979 and it is well recognized nationally and internationally.

RVB+A consists of a group of 40+ transportation planners and engineers, and a pool of approximately 50 associates working on part time assignments. Our team serves industries and markets associated with passenger and freight transportation systems, including mass transit (heavy rail, light rail, automated people mover, bus, BRT, maglev) and main line rail (commuter, inter-city, high speed, freight). Our expertise is in vehicles, systems, infrastructure and facilities.

RVB+A professionals cover a broad range of consulting services from project conception through operation and maintenance. This mature team brings years of experience from transit agencies, railroads, suppliers, government, financial institutions, and trade groups, including backgrounds in planning, design, engineering, business, economics, and market development. They pride themselves in developing common sense solutions. The team's direct experience from both sides of the table allows them to find, develop and implement win-win solutions that are realistic and affordable for our clients and all parties involved.

RVB+A encourages all associates to stay apprised of the latest technologies and ideas in the worldwide transportation industry to ensure that clients benefit from the best thinking available.

RVB+A has enjoyed consistent growth since 1979 and continues to work on how to best serve its clients. In parallel to carefully planned expansion, there is great focus on maintaining some of the key strengths associated with a lean organization, such as agility, flexibility and responsiveness.

The head office is strategically located in the Washington, D.C. metro area and RVB+A has site offices wherever projects take us around the world. The proximity to the nation's capital allows continuous involvement in government and regulatory issues.

RVB+A takes pride in, and is known for, adding real value to every project. Its status as a Certified DBE with several transit agencies throughout the United States only enhances its value to US clients.

While integrity, dependability and reliability are words that are often used lightly, RVB+A has built a strong reputation in the industry based on these key values. It strongly believes that these values have been a mainstay in building and maintaining a strong network of relationships at all levels throughout the industry.

Lastly, RVB+A possesses a long list of successfully completed projects and strong references, which reflects the broad range and professionalism of our company.

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